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Our history


In San Gimignano, 1957, together with two partners, Giosuè Settefonti established a bakery that produced typical cakes and of the Siena area, and specialised in special occasions.

It was called the INDUSTRIA DOLCIARIA.

It changed its name to BRISTOT just a few years later, in 1963, when the business was joined by a wealthy grandson of Giosuè, whose surname was BRISTOT. In the years that followed, the company worked, prospered and grew until 2012, when I took on the burden and the honour of continuing to run this very traditional bakery that churns out cakes and savoury products using manual skills and techniques that have been passed down through the ages.

The ingredients we use are simple and genuine: fruit jams, almonds, sugar, flour, and cocoa, mixed with the finest local products. We also apply this tradition in our conscious decision not to use GMOs and hydrogenated fats.

This is how all our cakes and pastries, natural products, Christmas and Easter specialities are made, the result of the dedication of all the people who have used their skill to build up the BRISTOT company and keep it alive. This dedication has a simple, genuine taste of authentic Tuscan products.

Well-made products, timeless good taste.
Gianni Pieragnoli